About Me

You can find more about me than anyone could possibly want to know on the link to my Curriculum Vitae (CV) on my homepage, jessevivian.com. You might find the Biographical Information link more concise and useful.

I am a full-time Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. where I teach healthcare law and ethics, primarily to pharmacy students but a variety of other professionals in our college. I am also General Counsel to the Michigan Pharmacists Association, a professional organization that represents the interests of pharmacists and the public, Of Counsel to the lawfirm,Cummings, McClorey, Davis and Acho, LPC in Livonia MI, where I help out with and law and business matters involving health care, a Contributing Editor of US Pharmacist, a monthly peer-reviewed pharmacy journal distributed to all pharmacies across the country, where I author a monthly column on Pharmacy law and ethics and a consultant to many organizations, corporations and law firms that need advice or expert witness services in my practice areas. That’s all in the Professional stuff. and found elsewhere.

On a personal note, I am married to Andrea, a pharmacist-dentist and we have been together over 40 years (as of 2013), have two grown sons (neither of which wanting anything to do with health care). My wife and I met over a dead body. That’s a good story for another time. But when you first meet over a dead guy, things can only go up-hill from there. It’s worked for us.Wolverines

Go Blue!

We all graduated from the University of Michigan at least once. My wife has three degrees and completed a residency there, and one son has two degrees. The other, youngest, son and I only have one degree from the Go Blue! School (we’re the only lefties in the family–cause & effect?).

My law degree is from Wayne State University and my youngest son is enrolled here in the Masters program for a degree in education specializing in social studies. He wants to be a teacher. He recently “moved out” of our house, again. Empty nests are quiet but we see him often–primarily at food time.

The newest member of our household is Mindy, a purebred Sheltie (born 5/11/2012) is as much puppy as two senior citizens can handle. We had to enroll in obedience school so we would know how to behave with her. We’re graduating very soon I hope, I have learned to sit down, shake, lay down and stay, just like every good husband should. The best thing for me, besides having a warm furry creature to hug and play with is that I take her on walks, something that I should be doing but have not in years. It’s a great way to meet neighbors, other dogs and see other people’s houses that you don’t appreciate just driving by. We’ve never had a dog, only cats; they certainly are very different. It’s great having someone new to love in the house.

Some more: I am a: Husband, Father, Christian, Traveler, Professor, Teacher, Researcher, Reader, Journalist, Editor, Writer (of many published and unpublished things: fact, fiction,poetry, prose, one liners, academic books and articles and a novel in progress), Pharmacist (Drug-Pusher–the prescription kind only), Attorney, General Counsel, Of Counsel, Consultant, Advisor, Ethicist, Inquirer-er, Lecturer (people pay me to talk; how crazy is that?) Dog-Owner, Cat-Lover, Old Man, Democrat (mostly), Home-Owner, Lake-Liver, Ski-Boat and Pontoon Driver, Three Car-Owner (favorite: Mustang convertible), sorta-wanna-be Musician (guitar, six and twelve sting; acoustic and electric, banjo, autoharp, harmonica, ukulele, mandolin, keyboard–none of which played too well), Singer (poor), Web Developer (lousy; you’re looking at my skill level), Software Addict, Computer Genius (not), Smeller of Roses (not often enough) and Lackadaisical fellow. I have a pretty well-developed sense of humor and ability to make terrible puns, tell stupid jokes and be comical. People have told me I should be on TV–so they can turn me off.  What a compliment!

The picture at the top of this page is of Lake Columbia, Brooklyn, Michigan,  at sunset looking out from the deck on the back of our house. It was taken by my wife using a Canon SD 200 (circa 1997) which still takes the best pictures in spite of all the new and improved cameras that have been produced since. The photo has been cropped to fit the page but is otherwise untouched.